Monday, April 13, 2009

Where's the Peg Hole?

I am an opener, 1st and foremost. I would say that there is a 80% chance when I buy a figure, make it 85%, that I will open it. Perhaps not immediately but it's inevitable. So when I display a figure it needs a stand for a few reasons. If you have ever tried to pose a figure it can be prove to be quite a balancing act especially in the advent of super articulation. Action poses with undoubtedly throw the figures center of gravity way and a figure stand can be the best way to keep it all under control.

So whats so hard about putting a stinkin' peg hole into a figures foot? I just got some Street Fighter figure's from Mundo on (thanks again!) and SOTA could not bring themselves to drilling a hole into the bottom of a foot. Neither can Marvel Toys half the time and when they do it's a little too big and last I checked no one offers a stand for them. I guess I will put my mini Black and Decker dril to good use in the near future. I just feel peg holes are to figures like assholes are to humans... we all should have one!

Now my stand of choice for 6" scale figures and above is McFarlane Toys stands for numerous reasons. The material they use is a non reflective plastic that's transparent enough to blend in with the surface you have the stand on.

There is the thickness of the peg itself, Marvel Legends figures (ToyBiz Era) and DC Universe Classics hug the peg so it's a nice firm grip and the circumference of the stand is large enough to make any 6" scale or even bigger stable but not too large to make is cumbersome.

Last is the thickness, it's just enough to make it durable but has MINIMAL impact on the figures overall height and you can overlap them without making much of an. If I could make just one change to the stand it would be to add a 2nd peg to allow for even better support or even adding a 2nd figure for group shots like the JLU or the X-Men, etc.

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