Monday, April 6, 2009

Mattel SDCC Exclusive Activate!

Mattel just released an image of the newly announced Wonder Twins Exclusive that will be sold at SDCC in late July. Before you get in a hissy you won't have to sell plasma to get one as they will be available on but there is a catch. Gleek (the monkey) will be handed out in a separate baggy to ensure that at least part of it will be a true exclusive.

Kudos to Mattel for making this a must have set for DCU collectors. Now to find someone who can get me a Gleek.


  1. "Form of.. an Action Figure!!"

    Now where's Wendy, Marvin and Wonder Dog?

  2. I wonder if these will go well, then we "might" see them at next years SDCC. Crosses fingers. Would you by chance know who owns the rights to Wendy, Marvin, and WD as well as the Wonder Twins?